Discover the Future of Healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Welcome to the Saudi Healthcare Transformation Summit, brought to you in partnership with Yanbu National Hospital a groundbreaking event dedicated to charting the course towards a dynamic and innovative future for healthcare in Saudi Arabia,

Our summit is a celebration of Saudi Arabia’s remarkable healthcare journey, with a spotlight on the visionary goals outlined in Vision 2030 and the significant investments fueling progress in the healthcare sector. Across three days, we’ll examine how privatization and digitalization are revolutionizing the healthcare landscape, while also addressing the challenges and opportunities inherent in this ambitious vision.

This summit serves as a catalyst for action, providing a platform for visionaries, policymakers, and healthcare enthusiasts to collaborate in shaping the trajectory of healthcare transformation. Join us in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as we embark on a journey poised to redefine the boundaries of healthcare transformation, leveraging data, guided by vision, and inspired by the brilliance of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Who will the Healthcare Industry Gather in Jeddah?

Unlock the pulse of healthcare transformation and innovation in Jeddah, with an unmatched convergence for industry leaders, igniting collaboration, and shaping the future.

Lead Generation

Incredible Speakers Eager to Share Expertise on the Future of Healthcare Transformation


Unparalleled Networking Opportunities with the Best Transformation Professionals

Learning & Development

Engage with HealthTech Engineers & Evangelists to maximize your Experience

Central Themes at the Saudi Healthcare Transformation Summit

The Saudi Healthcare Transformation Summit will feature a series of engaging sessions, panel discussions, and workshops that aim to provide comprehensive insights into Saudi Arabia's healthcare transformation journey. Areas of discussions at this high-profile event include:

  • Role of Leadership in Healthcare Transformation
  • Future Trends in Universal Health Care and Insurance
  • Patient-Centered Care and Improvement in Quality and Safety
  • Change Management and Resource Allocation
  • Relationship between Insurance, Quality, and Access
  • Transformative Power of Technology in Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Event Visionary Objectives?

Strategic Vision: Pioneering Excellence in Saudi Healthcare

This summit serves as a dynamic platform for collaborative knowledge exchange, fostering strategic alliances that propel the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the forefront of global healthcare transformation.

  • Showcasing Saudi Excellence: Illuminate Saudi Arabia’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier healthcare
  • Knowledge Leadership: Share and disseminate the Kingdom’s expertise in assessing and ensuring quality within the healthcare sector
  • Regional Quality Hub: Establish Saudi Arabia as the undisputed regional leader and central hub for setting and upholding quality standards in healthcare
  • Innovative Access Solutions: Strategize innovative approaches leveraging technology to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of the healthcare system
  • Healthcare Excellence Center: Solidify Saudi Arabia’s position as the regional epicenter for healthcare excellence, setting benchmarks for the entire industry
  • Global Solutions Advocate: Promote the adoption of cutting-edge local, regional, and international solutions to elevate healthcare standards across the board
  • Regulatory Impact: Drive substantive changes in the regulatory framework for healthcare through high-level discussions and decisive decision-making processes

What to Expect from the Summit?

  • Annual Regional Nexus
  • Strengthening Governance
  • Elevated Standards
  • Professional Rehabilitation
  • Cutting-edge Quality Management
  • Optimized Management Systems
  • Universal Healthcare Focus
  • Integrated Healthcare Advocacy
  • Global Collaborations

Speakers & Panelists

Dr. Youssef Jameel Kanan Al Rahbani

General Director & Chief Executive Officer

Yanbu National Hospital

Dr. Rola Hammoud

Chief Executive Officer / President

Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital-Madinah / American College of Healthcare Executives, MENA

Omar Nasr Al Hajjaj

Advisor Private & Non-Private Sector Participation

Health Sector Transformation Program

Dr. Musfer Alshalawy

Executive Director

Yanbu National Hospital

Sponsors & Partners

Exploring the Future of Healthcare:Navigating Developments and Challenges in the Saudi

  • Lectures
  • Panel Discussions
  • Masterclass Workshops
  • 1-ON-1 Networking
  • Showcase

Key Topics

  • Modern Leadership in the Health Sector
  • Health Insurance
  • Quality Concepts and Application
  • Health Information and Technology Management